Territorial Acknowledgment

Northern New Mexico is the place we love and the place we call home. Although Far Flung Adventures has been operating in this area for over 45 years it is important to recognize that both of our brick and mortar locations and most of the destinations that we love to share with our guests are located on the traditional homelands of Indigenous people. European settlement of North America has, as part of its history, been responsible for cultural, religious, and historical eradication, along with the genocide and forced removal of Indigenous people. We acknowledge these facts and honor and respect Indigenous ancestry, their lives and their continuing legacy, along with the vitality in the link between Indigenous culture and their traditional homelands.

We are committed to land stewardship and preservation efforts of the traditional Indigenous homelands which have been a keystone to the outdoor recreation and tourism industries. We are also committed to our own ongoing education with regards to the Indigenous communities surrounding us, not only in northern New Mexico, but in all of our destinations both domestic and abroad.

To learn more about Indigenous traditional homelands in northern New Mexico, in your area, and around the world, look here:

https://native-land.ca/ https://nativeland.info/


To learn more about the Red Willow People of the Taos Pueblo, look here: https://taospueblo.com/

To learn more about the Jicarilla Apache people of both Pilar, NM, where our Riverside office is located, as well as of the Rio Chama Valley, where many of our multi-day trips take place, look here: https://tentribespartnership.org/tribes/jicarilla-apache-nation/


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