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Explore our calendar of unique multi-day adventures for this upcoming spring and summer! Music, yoga, fishing, birding…we’ve got it all!

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Join us this June and August and let your dollar make a difference by supporting one of New Mexico’s most important wilderness advocacy groups. 20% of all proceeds will go to support the continued actions of the New Mexico Wild.

Middle Box Full Day: June 9th

Rio Chama Full Day: August 4th

Join us this June 22-24 on the Rio Chama for a river music extravaganza featuring renowned New Mexico artist Brent Berry and the Neighbors.

The first 4 people to book before January 1st can save 15% using promo code “BrentBerry15”

Sorry, but the 15% discount offer has been closed.

The next 6 people 4 people 2 people to book before March 1st can save 10% using promo code “BrentBerry10”

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