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  • Dates: While water levels remain above 2500 cfs (likely until mid July)

  • PARTICIPANTS: No prior experience necessary and we welcome active adventurers 14 years of age and older. We ask that participants be prepared for the rigors of a mile long downhill hike on a well maintained trail and a full day of rafting on 25 miles of the beautiful Rio Grande!

  • CRAFT: Paddle Rafts or Oar Boats

  • COST: Adult(14 and older): $199.00  50% Deposit Required

  • CANCELLATION POLICY:  Reservation cancellation more than 2 weeks before trip date receives a refund minus 10% of trip cost. Less than two weeks before trip date forfeits deposit. A cancellation within 24 hours or a “no-show” on the day of the trip will forfeit the full cost of trip.

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The Taos Box is one of the most renowned whitewater runs in the southwest, and above it is a little known jewel of southwestern beauty that is tucked in the upper reaches of the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument: The Middle Box.

Every 10 years or so the flows on the Rio Grande allow us to float both sections in one day. This year is one of those years! This incredible one day trip is perhaps the best day trip available anywhere in the west, and being that it is only doable when the water is high enough it is a very special experience!

The Middle Box put-in is accessible only by trail, which is why we use horses to pack in our equipment for this incredible one day adventure! After our hike down to the river we will start the day off with a bang by running the half-mile long Class IV La Junta rapid. Then, we will continue through the beautiful Middle Box and have a great riverside lunch at an ancient Native American hunting camp whose boulders are covered in petroglyphs. After that we will head down into the wild class IV(IV+) rapids of the famous Taos Box. This 27 mile long day trip is a great full day adventure for anyone looking for an out of the ordinary river experience.

Due to this being a longer day than our other day trips based out of Taos we will meet for this trip at 7:30am.

Here is the itinerary for the Middle Box, which will essentially be the first half of your day:

Middle Box:

A scenic Class II-III section of river visited by far fewer people every summer than the popular Taos Box and Lower Gorge. A one-mile hike will take us from the rim of the gorge and into the heart of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

Often considered the gem of the Taos area and a secluded segment of the Rio Grande National Monument this stretch is one of our all time favorites. The walk into the gorge will offer an interesting exploration of local environments as we descend from the sagebrush and juniper grasslands seen at the rim and down into the canyon to the rivers edge, an area of tall pine, spruce and fir. We will launch at the mouth of the Red River canyon, one of the deepest part of the gorge, and begin our 9 mile trip through the heart of the Wild and Scenic section of the Rio Grande National Monument, one of the newest on our nation’s roster of protected lands. In addition, we run this stretch from a starting point 4 miles upstream from where all other companies begin.

We will meet at the Far Flung office at 8 am, where customers will be outfitted with all the proper rafting equipment for the day. After a short 30-minute drive to the Cebolla Mesa trailhead, we will meet with our horse packer, load the gear onto the animals, and begin our descent into the Gorge.

Here is the itinerary for the Taos Box, which will essentially be the second half of your day

Taos Box:

This is a great trip for anyone looking to unplug for a day, get outside and get some adrenaline pumping! The trip will begin with two miles of easy and splashy Class I rapids, followed by nine miles of more difficult and technical Class II-IV rapids, and then culminate with the final five miles of Class IV-IV+ rapids, known as the “hour of power”. Far Flung Adventures has been safely navigating the waters of this section for over 40 years!

The day will begin with a meeting time of 8:00 am at our office on the north side of Taos. There we will equip you with all necessary safety and river gear equipment, then load up and head to the river and the put-in for our 17 mile run down the world famous Taos Box.

The trip will begin with two miles of easy and splashy Class I rapids, followed by nine miles of more difficult and technical Class II-IV rapids, and then culminate in the final five miles of Class IV-IV+ rapids and continuous whitewater of the “hour of power”. This last section begins at the top of the nearly vertical “Powerline Falls” and then descends swiftly into constant whitewater and rapids such as “The Rockgarden” and “Screaming Left Hand Turn”. While crashing through the final class IV of the day, “Sunset Rapid”, a photographer will capture some snapshots of your run. Following Sunset Rapid the canyon abruptly widens as we enter the tranquil Orilla Verde section, where shortly thereafter we will take-out at the Taos Junction Bridge.

In early season the Taos Box is what boaters call “a screamer”, often runnable in as little as three hours floating time. However, most typically we will plan to return the participants to their vehicles between 2 p.m. & 3 p.m. Halfway through the trip we will provide a delicious riverside lunch, most often including an array of home-roasted sandwich meats and homemade dips and salsas (see some of our recipes here). Our lovely deli lunch is a staple of the Far Flung experience, as 40 years in business has not only taught us the principles of reading white-water…but also of good food and healthy eating!