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Project Description

Rio Chama Yoga Retreat Three Day


  • SEASON: May 1-Oct. 1
  • PARTICIPANTS:  We welcome beginning rafters 6 years of age and older. We ask that you be in normal good health.
  • CRAFT:  Participants may ride on the rafts with the river guides in an oar boat for a more leisurely experience, or the more adventurous may ride in a paddle boat, request their own inflatable kayak, or take a stand up paddle board for more exciting and physically demanding excursion.

  • COST: Adult: $550.00  Child: 500.00   50% Deposit Required
  • CANCELLATION POLICY:  Reservation cancellation more than 2 weeks before trip date receives a refund minus 10% of trip cost. Less than two weeks before trip date forfeits deposit.
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  • July 20-22, Sept. 24-26

Discounts for July 20-22 trip:

The first 2 people to book before June 15th can save 15% using code “yoga15”

The next 2 people to book before June 15th can save 10% using code “yoga10”

FYI: Groups of 4 or more may request alternative dates between May 15 and Oct. 15. Please call 800-359-2627 or email to inquire.

About Everliving Wellness

“Everliving Wellness is dedicated to consciously and joyfully living life. We offer yoga teacher certification programs, public yoga classes, Swedish and Thai massage, energy healing and daycare. Everliving is a place to come and live life. Our life is our practice. Lets join together in this sacred dedication to our higher selves”

From the jungles of Costa Rica to the Great Wall in China, Everliving Wellness founder Carmen has been traveling the world for over a decade exploring and expanding upon the incredible practice of yoga. Yoga is breath. Yoga is movement.  Yoga is truly the integration and alignment of all aspects of our selves and our lives. Come center and connect with us out on the Rio Chama. Let us enjoy the peacefulness of nature as we connect to that space within. Our practice will be dynamic and comforting. Carmen will provide many options throughout class so that you can tailor to your needs from beginner to advanced.

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Get your yogi on–and we don’t mean the bear! Practice yoga on a river journey through a serene and spectacular wilderness: The multi-hued sandstone canyon and towering pines of the Rio Chama. Enjoy delicious and healthy multi-course meals prepared riverside and catered to your culinary desires.

Lovely, wooded campsites and the sounds of rushing water will serve as the backdrop to this transcendental yoga experience. Enjoy delicious and healthy multi-course meals prepared riverside and catered to your culinary needs. Daily yoga sessions make this unique trip a truly rejuvenating experience inside and out. Soothe the senses with the changing beauty and sounds of the river canyon as we raft down through geological time. This trip is made possible by a collaboration with Everliving Wellness Studio, follow the link to learn more about them and their organization!


Our yoga sessions are designed to balance the body and quiet the mind.  We work all the major muscle groups with an awareness of the breath making us feel better by nourishing the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga sessions will be lead by Carmen Aldana and her staff from Everliving Wellness Studio.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 1:

Our (1-1/2 hr.) shuttle to the put-in features vistas of the craggy peaks of the San Juan Mountains, the massive Brazos Cliffs-over 3000 vertical feet high, and the village of Tierra Amarilla, the center of Reies Tijerina’s land grant revolt of the l960’s. Our launch point is at El Vado Ranch, a rustic, riverside fishing resort. Our first yoga session will be on the lawn beside the river while our guides prepare the rafts for the journey. The Chama River immediately whisks us away through a series of swift riffles and into the evergreen-lined canyon. We will do a brief standing series on our lunch stop near a historic homestead and hot springs. Next we enter Chama Canyon Wilderness and negotiate Aragon Rapids (Class II). Our camp is on an old high-water bench, under shelter of ponderosa pines and douglas firs. Here we will have our last Yoga session of the day to the sounds of the river and forest.

Day 2:

Enjoy a very leisurely morning beginning with yoga followed by a hearty, hot breakfast. Hike up one of the numerous side canyons to see dinosaur tracks or to the top of Navajo Peak for a spectacular vista. We will arrive at camp early for an afternoon yoga session and relaxing camp time.

Day 3:

We will continue the rhythm of a morning yoga session before breakfast and breaking camp. On day 3 the river will carry us into denser stands of sandstone cliff and to the base of the spectacular Chama Wall, a 1000′ tall bluff shooting up from the river banks. After having lunch beneath the towering walls we might have a brief yoga session, and then its onward downstream. This last day we encounter some longer, steeper rapids and multi-hued sandstone cliffs up to 1000′ high. Emerging from the canyon wilderness area, we observe a quiet zone as we pass the Christ in the Desert Monastery. Now begins the lively whitewater run, Class II and III rapids alternate with long calm stretches that allow spectacular views of the rainbow cliffs that captivated Georgia O’Keefe.

Camp Scene:

Get ready to pitch a tent, sling a hammock, throw down a pad, and relax! Every day we will prepare and serve you a delicious riverside lunch, not limited to, but often including an array of home-roasted sandwich meats and homemade dips and salsas (see some of our recipes here). In addition, our camp dinners and breakfasts are a classic staple of the Far Flung experience, as 40 years in business has not only taught us the principles of reading white-water…but also of cooking and camp ambiance!

***Please let us know ahead of time about any allergies or special food requirements***

Camp Gear:

Following is a list of required and recommend items for this three-day camping excursion. As part of the trip we will provide waterproof drybags for all of your personal items and camp chairs for fireside relaxation and enjoyment.

Please click here to look at a more in-depth list of required and recommended camp gear: Going Camping? Here’s what you’ll need.

If needed, we provide a large 2 man tent, sleeping bags and sleeping pads for an additional $12/day.