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Swift Water Rescue

Beginning in 2020, the majority of our courses will be through the American Canoe Association. Please proceed to the following page to see current course dates and information: American Canoe Association Swiftwater Rescue Courses with Far Flung Adventures


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  • DATES: TBA | Recertification: TBA

  • COST: 

    • SRRP (Operations): $350 ($250 for AWC and NMROA Members)
    • SRRP, Operations Recertification: $100
  • CANCELLATION POLICY:  Reservation cancellation more than 2 weeks before trip date receives a refund minus 10% of trip cost. Less than two weeks before trip date forfeits deposit.

Rescue Southwest & International Rescue Instructors Association

Swiftwater Rescue For River Professionals

First Time Certification Dates:

  • TBA

Recertification Dates:

  • TBA

Rescue Southwest and IRIA Swiftwater Instructor Course Dates:

  • TBA. Inquire for more information.

This course conforms to International Rescue Instructors Association standard for level S-2 Swiftwater Operations (or Swiftwater Technician recertification) as well as NFPA 1670 criteria for “Swiftwater Operations”. Meets USDOI (BLM, FWS, Reclamation) criteria for river safety preparedness. For this session, the curriculum is tailored to address the needs of rescue agencies and river runners operating boats on southwestern rivers. Course syllabus is available upon request.

History and Overview

Professional River Rescue training has evolved from twin sources in mountain search and rescue
and whitewater recreation. Initially designed by Jim Segerstrom and associates under the banner
of Rescue 3, our program evolves as new information is developed. Since 1986, Far-
Flung Adventures’ associate, Rescue Southwest, has provided Swiftwater training to rescue
agency personnel, professional river guides, expedition leaders and field scientists in New
Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Texas.

Although the southwestern U.S. contains few large rivers, principally the Colorado and Rio
Grande and their tributaries, it is laced with ephemeral streams and runoff channels. Virtually
every locality has potential swiftwater/flooding conditions, and many professional rescuers and
river outfitter-guides have looked to this program to help prepare them as rescuers. These
courses are NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1670/1006 compliant. References from past participants are available on request.

Swiftwater Rescue for River Professionals (SRRP)

A three-day curriculum for rescuers, river guides, field researchers and expedition leaders. The curriculum conforms to NFPA standards for  “Operations” and is the gateway for Swiftwater/Flood Rescue Technician.  This course emphasizes personal safety, rescue scene size-up, planning and team organization, personal and team equipment; foot and body entrapment; swimming, throwrope, and boat-based rescues. We’ll also cover practical considerations for boating professionals such as trip organization, hazard mitigation, guide/outfitter roles and legal responsibilities. The curriculum also includes: river equipment care/use/maintenance, swimming-, shore- and boat-based operations, basic mechanical advantage and rope rescue.

Swiftwater/Flood Rescue Technician

(NFPA Level 3). Builds on operations-level skills with advanced field exercises, including: tethered-swimmer rescues, inflated fire hose applications, incident command and in-river technical rope rescue. Certification provided upon completion. Syllabus available
upon request.

Certification Requirements for Swiftwater/Flood Rescue Technician (SFRT):

Pass a swim test of 300 meters in 12:00 minutes. Have completed a course in basic rope rescue skills (e.g. “Ropes 1 &
2”). Have completed Swiftwater Rescue Operations training and demonstrated satisfactory
performance skills (Class 3 and tethered swim, throwbag toss, mechanical advantage, thought


Instructors can provide custom river rescue instruction to your
team of 10 or more on your preferred date/location. In addition to Swiftwater Operations and Technician training, we also offer a one-day Swiftwater Rescue Awareness course. Courses are also available, by special arrangement, to agency personal in: Practical Rope Rescue, Emergency Boat Handling and Flood Operations Management. Please contact Course Coordinator ( to evaluate your agency’s preparedness/NFPA compliance. With sufficient advance notice, instructors may travel to your area and conduct a course on your home stream.

Enrollment Requirements and Procedures:

Enrollees must be in good physical condition and be able to demonstrate basic swimming ability. To register, first determine space availability through the Program Director, or Far-Flung Adventures office. Then, download, complete and submit application form (below) with the requested tuition. Once your space has been confirmed you will be e-mailed pre-class study materials, to be thoroughly reviewed prior to the beginning of the course. A pre-test on this material will be administered on the classroom day. Full payment, or at minimum, a deposit of $125 confirms your space. We accept check, credit card or a valid agency purchase order. Any balances due must be received no later than two week prior to the start of instruction. Registration closes two week prior to starting date of course to allow time for students to study class materials.

An independently verified practical skills examination on final day requires the student to
demonstrate: swimming rescues, throw bag rescue and mechanical advantage system.
Note: Courses are physically demanding and requires substantial time swimming in river.

Instructors provide: All technical gear, classroom and in-water instruction, digital manual,
certificate and wallet card.

Students must provide: PFD, river helmet, wet- or dry-suit, booties or sneakers; 6’ hank of rope,
lunches and drinking water.