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Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande


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  • Dates: September 9, 2021

  • PARTICIPANTS: No prior experience necessary and we welcome rafters 12 years of age and older. We ask that participants be prepared for the rigors of kayaking/canoeing, rafting, camping, hiking, and possible swimming.

  • CRAFT: Individual inflatable kayak, canoe, and oar-boats will be available. *Some options are water flow dependent*

  • COST: Adult: $1400.00  50% Deposit Required

  • RESERVATION/CANCELLATION POLICY:  Reservation requires 50% deposit, and full amount will be paid 1 week prior to trip.  Cancellation more than 2 weeks before trip date receives a refund minus 10% of trip cost. Less than two weeks before trip date forfeits deposit. Cancellation within 1 week of trip date forfeits total trip cost minus 10%.

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In the lower canyons, we are locked away in a maze of limestone cliffs for most of the 85 miles that are covered. Geographical features, when they have names at all, are called things like Las Vegas de los Ladrones and Complejo Del Caballo. Beyond the enfolding cliffs lie a maze of thirsty arroyos and dry desert flats that enforce our privacy.

Every mile brings delight: side canyons with massively sculpted passages to explore, hot springs to soak in, a chorus of coyotes across a desert amphitheater, and the pure glow of starlight over our camp. The whitewater challenges of Hot Springs, Rodeo, the Madison Falls Rapids, and others are set among the long spans of lazy currents and impressive vistas.

There’s a hugeness and power to the Lower Canyons that can affect a traveler deeply, and hopefully send each of those who pass through back to their normal lives with a special memory of the wild.

September 9, 2021 – 8-day


Frequent floaters and old friends qualify for a discount! Please inquire.


All participants will plan to arrive in Marathon, Texas on the afternoon of the start day of the trip, from which we will transfer to the river and spend our first night camped there and preparing to launch the next day. We will spend the night before our trip going over some preliminary river safety information, relaxing by the river, and getting to know the rest of our group. We will provide dinner on this night.

Day 1-7:

We will plan to average around 10 miles per day. Some days will be less and some days will be more in order to make time to navigate features such as the Madison Rapids as well as for stops at riverside hot springs and the famous Burro Bluff hike.

Day 8:

We will plan to be off the river in a timely manner in order to get everyone back to their cars in Marathon by around 4pm.


Driving is the only way to get to Marathon, Texas. If flights are a necessary part of your travel itinerary, we recommend flying into either Midland, Texas or El Paso and renting a car from there.

Get ready to pitch a tent, sling a hammock, throw down a pad, and relax! Every day we will prepare and serve you a delicious riverside lunch, not limited to, but often including an array of home-roasted sandwich meats and homemade dips and salsas (see some of our recipes here). In addition, our camp dinners and breakfasts are a classic staple of the Far Flung experience, as 40 years in business has not only taught us the principles of reading white-water…but also of cooking and camp ambiance!

***Please let us know ahead of time about any allergies or special food requirements***

Camp Gear:

Following is a list of required and recommend items for this three-day camping excursion. You will also receive this list as part of your confirmation email. As part of the trip we will provide waterproof drybags for all of your personal items, tents and camp chairs for fireside relaxation and enjoyment. Sleeping pads, bags and tents are included for those who need them.

Please click here to look at a more in-depth list of required and recommended camp gear:

Going Camping? Here’s what you’ll need.

*You will receive a more-trip specific packing list once you have confirmed your reservation.