Project Description

Green River

One of America’s most iconic rivers, the Green is a waterway steeped in geologic wonder and human history. After draining a large swath of the northern rockies, the Green carves its way through a series of incredible canyons as it works its way deeper into the Colorado Plateau and closer to its final berth as it joins the might Colorado River.

No small stream in its own right, the flow fluctuations on the Green River make it a wonder to behold. High driftwood deposits and marvelous beaches will leave many river-goers in awe of the unassuming power of a river that is so calm and meandering! The tranquil waters of the labyrinth canyon section make for a wonderful and fun multi-day float for groups of all ages. Rafts, canoes, SUPs and Kayaks are all appropriate crafts for this fun focused and relaxing trip. Countless side hikes, vistas, and historical places make this a must-see section of the Green River.

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2021 Green River Season: Custom Dates available from April thru October.

Scheduled Trips:

April 19-23

May 21-25, 28 – June 1

June 14 – 18

July 2-6, 9-13

August 9-13, 16-20

September: 13-17, 20-24

October: 4-8, 11-15