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Gila Wilderness Five-Day


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  • Dates: March 7-11 (Meet on 6th)

  • PARTICIPANTS: No prior experience necessary and we welcome rafters 12 years of age and older. We ask that participants be prepared for the rigors of kayaking/canoeing, rafting, camping, hiking, and possible swimming.

  • CRAFT: Individual inflatable kayak, canoe, and oar-boats will be available. *Some options are water flow dependent*

  • COST: Adult: $1200.00   Child(14 and under): $1200.00   50% Deposit Required

  • RESERVATION/CANCELLATION POLICY:  Reservation requires 50% deposit, and full amount will be paid 1 week prior to trip.  Cancellation more than 2 weeks before trip date receives a refund minus 10% of trip cost. Less than two weeks before trip date forfeits deposit. Cancellation within 1 week of trip date forfeits total trip cost minus 10%.

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“Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed… We need wilderness preserved–as much of it as is still left, and as many kinds–because it was the challenge against which our character as a people was formed.”     Wallace Stegner

Thanks to the work of famous early 20th-century environmentalist and activist Aldo Leopold, the Gila River Wilderness was designated the world’s very first protected wilderness area on June 3, 1924. This monumental event paved the way for the establishment of a subsequent 759 designated wilderness areas in the United States. Thanks to his efforts much of what Leopold saw that was worth preserving in the Gila Wilderness is still intact today – and this trip will take us through the heart of that wild and beautiful landscape.

The Gila Wilderness represents a transition zone between the Chihuahuan Desert and the Rocky Mountains and is characterized by flora and fauna of each environment: Mesquite trees and ocotillo meet ponderosa and apache pines, Mexican wolves and black bear hunt beneath the shade of walnut and cottonwood trees along the rivers edge. The highlands boast one of the worlds largest and healthiest ponderosa forests and the desert lowlands bubble with the quiet sound of riverside hot springs.

Recent decades have seen a major push to exploit the Gila River’s already strained watershed and further diminish its streamflow. The Gila River Diversion Project, which aspires to dam and divert the Gila’s water has been persistently defended by local irrigators and water speculators, against the efforts of environmental groups and local activists. In that vein, our commercial river tours are offered in hopes of raising awareness of this remarkable river and stimulating outdoor recreation economy in southwestern New Mexico- all of which could play a part in persuading lawmakers to reconsider what would certainly be another “deadbeat dam” project.

Because of the fickle nature of the river flow on the Gila we are asking that participants be prepared to be moved to going in an inflatable kayak or canoe if necessary, though there will be raft support for the gear and we will do our best to make space for folks to ride on rafts if need be.

As the only commercial river operators on the Gila River, we are proud to be your escort on this trip down one of the southwest’s most prized bucket list river adventures.

Gila Wilderness Five-Day Dates: March 7-11 (Meet on 6th)


The group of 2 or more people to book can save 10% on two tickets using promo code “savethegila” by booking before February 1st.


All participants will plan to arrive either in Silver City or at the Grant County Airport on Sunday March 10th, where we will meet you and  shuttle everyone to the Gila Wilderness Lodge. We will spend the night before our trip going over some preliminary river safety information, relaxing in the hot springs, and getting to know the rest of our group. We will provide dinner on this night.

Day 1:

We will have an early breakfast, go over all remaining safety information and launch on the beautiful Gila River! We will plan to cover about 10 miles and find a nice campsite along the river.

Day 2:

Enjoy a beautiful morning beginning with a hearty, hot breakfast. We will cover another 10 river miles or so and plan to camp at Sapillo Creek. We will then be deep in the wilderness where we can enjoy a beautiful side hike or take in the solitude riverside from a camp chair by a crackling fire.

Day 3:

Another crisp morning and river day will follow. We will wind our way through the Gila’s inner canyons and the tight brushy class II-III rapids, keeping a close eye out for obstructions, strainers and wildlife!

Day 4:

As the canyon opens up more as we make our way downstream we will set our sights for Turkey Creek, our campsite for the night.

Day 5:

Depending on water levels we will either take out at Turkey Creek and drive out or float down to Mogollon Campground river access and take out there. We will then head back to Silver City, at which point our scheduled service will end, with the exception of airport transport the following day for those who are flying.

*We are happy to help with any hotel reservations you might need. Please contact us for more info:


Silver City, New Mexico is somewhat of a drive from most places. If you plan on driving please make sure to budget a safe and appropriate amount of time to make it to our rendezvous point on the day before our launch date.


There are luckily a few options for commercial flights into the Grant County/Silver City airport, where we will pick you up and provide all transport needed for our itinerary. There are two airlines that offer service to Silver City, please follow the links below to browse their websites and explore flight options.

Boutique Air:

Advanced Airlines:

Get ready to pitch a tent, sling a hammock, throw down a pad, and relax! Every day we will prepare and serve you a delicious riverside lunch, not limited to, but often including an array of home-roasted sandwich meats and homemade dips and salsas (see some of our recipes here). In addition, our camp dinners and breakfasts are a classic staple of the Far Flung experience, as 40 years in business has not only taught us the principles of reading white-water…but also of cooking and camp ambiance!

***Please let us know ahead of time about any allergies or special food requirements***

Camp Gear:

Following is a list of required and recommend items for this three-day camping excursion. You will also receive this list as part of your confirmation email. As part of the trip we will provide waterproof drybags for all of your personal items, tents and camp chairs for fireside relaxation and enjoyment. Sleeping pads and sleeping bags are not included, though if needed we provide a sleep kit (1 two man tent, 1 sleeping bag and sleeping pad) for an additional $12/night.

Please click here to look at a more in-depth list of required and recommended camp gear:

Going Camping? Here’s what you’ll need.

Gila Conservation News

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