As we move into our 2021 river season things are looking up! COVID numbers are trending down and the vaccine rollout is gearing up; unfortunately, COVID-19 is still a reality and will most likely still be something we need to mitigate throughout the upcoming season. The good news is that roughly 3,000 people joined us on the river last year, and we are very proud that we were able to navigate the unprecedented 2020 season without having any known COVID cases (or even COVID scares) in our guests or our staff.

Even better, through conversations with our fellow outfitters and some of the outdoor recreation organizations we are affiliated with, it seems that the great outdoors really is a safer place to be during these crazy times. As far as we’ve heard, there have been no COVID cases linked directly to rafting or the outdoor summer recreation community in general. This is not to say 2020 was easy: along with the rest of the world, Far Flung took a significant hit this past year but luckily with the trust of our awesome clients and the hard work of our amazing staff were able to stay afloat.

Our protocol last summer served us well and will most likely be the outline for the 2021 season. We will continue to emphasize our enhanced sanitation procedures, mask requirements in confined spaces, and measures to maintain as much physical distance as possible. However, we’ve learned some things over the last year and the COVID situation is rapidly evolving (in many ways for the better), so we are still working out what exactly our COVID-safe procedures will be this spring and summer — stay tuned.

As far as any multi-day trips or courses coming up in the nearer future, our COVID guidelines will be included in the information you receive as your trip or course gets closer. Similarly, our lineup of international adventures may have custom COVID requirements tailored to their individual itineraries, travel regulations, and the restrictions of specific countries.

As always, feel free to reach out directly with questions or concerns. Keep the good vibes flowing – things are looking promising downstream!