Wild Rivers Exploration: Human and Natural History Hiking Half Day

Join our local expert guides on this human and natural history excursion to one of the less-known and most rewarding hiking areas and archaeological sites in the Rio Grande National Monument.


March 1st through October 1st. 


We welcome participants of all ages and abilities. All participants should be of average health and prepared for a 2 ½ mile hike; 1 ¼ uphill.  

We require a two-person adult price minimum.

Adult $40.00   Child $30.00
   50% Deposit

Sample Itinerary:

Take in the great outdoors and the beauty of the Rio Grande National Monument, visit a rich and sparsely visited petroglyph site, and let us teach you about local history, culture, geology, and natural history.

Trip includes a healthy and homemade snack.

If you are looking to get the most out of exploring the Taos Area, this is the way to do it!  

Style: Human History, Improved Trail, and Exploratory Hike



1. Meet at the Far Flung Adventures office at either 8:00 or or 12:30

2. Short drive north into the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument.

3. Hike to ancient Indian camp and petroglyph site.

4. Continue hike into the depths of the Canyon and explore the diversity of local environments as you descend to the bottom of the canyon.

5. Enjoy a homemade and freshly prepared snack at the river's edge.

6. Return to the rim of the canyon and head back to the office.

To make a reservation, please call (800) 359-2627 or email us info@farflung.com