Boat Options

Far Flung Adventures uses only the most dependable, modern, whitewater self-bailing rafts. They are strong, resilient and easy to repair in the field when necessary.

Select your Craft: River Rafting And Boating Choices 

Far Flung uses only the most dependable modern whitewater self-bailing rafts. They are strong, resilient and easy to fix in the field if necessary. Only top brand names like Riken, Sotar, and Hyside are in our modern fleet.

Far Flung offers a choice between four different styles of inflatable river craft:

1. Paddle Boat: This is by far the most popular option, as it makes for a more hands on and participatory trip. In a paddle boat each rafter will have a paddle and follow the guides commands to help propel and maneuver the raft.

2. Oar Boat: in the oar boat the guide sits in the middle compartment on the rowing frame. He has two oars, as in a row boat, and does all the work and navigation. Passengers sit in front and back compartments and hold on and enjoy the ride. Riding in the oar boat is a more casual and relaxed way to go and is great for wildlife and scenery watching and for taking photographs.

3. Paddle-assist: This third choice is a hybrid of the two boats, with the guide and oarframe located at the back of the boat and the paddlers in the front. This is a good choice for a group that has some people who want to paddle and some who want to ride, and they all want to be in the same boat. In this boat those who want to paddle get to, as long as we have a balanced number, and those who want to hold on can just hold on and enjoy the ride.

4. Inflatable Kayak (right foreground), which are canoe shaped inflatable rafts. In a funyak you sit on the floor and paddle with a double bladed paddle like a kayak. Funyaks take some strength and skill to use, but they are very stable and forgiving craft, and allow beginners to challenge some respectable whitewater.

5. Stand Up Paddleboard: This is a sport that has become very popular in recent years. The Stand Up Paddleboard is much like a surfboard except that you stand or kneel on it and steer with a long paddle. We provide a full array of safety gear for this trip. 

As river levels change, so does the boat of choice. In middle to late summer, as river levels drop, often only the paddle boat is available on the Rio Grande and the funyak becomes easier for everyone! Feel free to call 1-800-359-2627, or e-mail and our experts will help you select the most suitable option.